Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Confections & DIY Cookie Cutters

HAPPY ELECTION DAY!!!  I know that you've either already voted or are walking out the door to go do so now.  #RockTheVote

Yesterday afternoon PGS told me that he invited some of our friends over to watch the election coverage tonight - I have a sneaking suspicion that he didn't tell me until yesterday, for fear that I would go overboard and make a ton of food, treats, possibly decorate, etc.  Me?  Never!  Well, honestly, definitely.  Anyway, I somewhat acquiesced to his wishes of keeping it simple and just ordering pizza, BUT he mentioned nothing of dessert!  Gotta. Have. Dessert.  I immediately decided that I was going to bake red and blue election-themed sugar cookies using this recipe.

Unfortunately - well seemingly unfortunately - I didn't leave the office yesterday in time to make it to the Broadway Panhandler to pick up some cookie cutters before they closed.  What to do?!  Well, thanks to a little googling I found this step-by-step guide to making your own cookie cutters on WikiHow.  So cool!  I made two cutters so that I could create a cute little array of Republican red elephants and Democrat stars (donkeys were too hard to sculpt!).  I also threw in some red and blue stars for the Independents and Libertarians as an afterthought.  Turned out pretty cute, huh?

 To make the star, I folded the foil strip in half and then folded it into 1 inch sections over and over so that it looked like an accordion.  I had just enough for the ten sides of the star with a bit extra on the ends that helped to close the shape.  Make sure you use a little tape to secure the edge and that the tape is flat on the side that you will be using to cut the cookies - otherwise you won't get as clean of a shape when you cut the dough.
 Elephants were pretty easy to make.
 It helped to lift the dough off before removing the cutter.
Use a separate plate to add your sprinkles before you put it in the oven.

Will you try DIY cookie cutters?  Did you vote today?  

God bless America!


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