Friday, November 9, 2012

4 Things

{1. A gallery wall of Vogue covers at the Elizabeth McKay store on the Upper East Side.}

{2. The start to brunch last week - a "Ruby Red Square" and a "Veselka Bowery Bloody Mary".  It was 5 o'clock somewhere!}

{3. Waterproof and leopard print shoes by Melissa.}

{4. A photo I took this summer of a landmark boathouse in Southampton, New York.  I had wanted to photograph it for ages and am so happy that I finally did this August, as it was brought down by Hurricane Sandy last week.  You can still help those who lost their actual homes to Sandy or who are otherwise in need of relief by donating to the American Red Cross here - I just did.  Nothing like a little good karma to kick off your weekend!}

Have a great weekend!!!


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