Thursday, October 25, 2012

Skinny Enchiladas

When it comes to high-calorie food, the kind I crave most often is probably Mexican.  As often as I get together with friends and order queso fundito, taco plates and enchiladas - oh yeah, and margaritas - I had done little to experiment with Mexican cuisine in my own kitchen.  This Sunday, I decided to tackle one of my favorite Mexican dishes in a healthy way.  I found this great recipe for enchiladas on Everyday Paleo.  The flavorful, authentic sauce made the dish a total winner.  I ended up using shrimp, topping the dish with a little cheese (I recommend chihuahua or oaxaca if you can find it) and, to save some time, bought guacamole instead of cutting up avocado and cilantro - having the guac was great since we ended up having a few tortilla chips with dinner.  You feel way less guilty about eating tortilla chips when your main dish is made without a tortilla!  Everything in moderation, right?

 I don't have a blender so I transferred the sauce to a bowl, allowed it to cool a bit, and then used a hand held blender to puree the enchilada sauce.  If your kitchen is on the smaller side - like just about every kitchen in Manhattan - I think a handheld mixer is a must.  I love my Bamix Immersion Blender.

Add the cheese on top, cover tightly with foil and pop it in the oven!

Will you try these healthy enchiladas?  Let me know!


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