Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Green Dining Rooms

I came up with the idea for this post while sitting by the pool with PGS (the bf) this weekend.  I was reading September's House Beautiful and while normally my reading a home decor magazine is not exactly something that would peak his interest - don't get me wrong he has great taste - my staring at a weird, color-coded map of the United States made him ask, "what is that?"  September's House Beautiful issue is the color issue and the map showed room color preferences across the country.    Apparently, House Beautiful readers prefer green dining rooms and designers prefer red dining rooms.  A couple of minutes later, I had lost his interest to the Orioles, but my post idea was brewing so I continued our color conversation.  "Would you rather have a green or red dining room?"  Well, PGS surprises me pretty often :) and his answer to my question was no exception.  He likes the reddish, formal dining room at his parent's house (his mother has excellent taste), but they don't eat in it too often.  He said, "for everyday use, a green dining room, but if you don't use it as often a red one."  Brilliant.  Markakis hits a home run, full attention back to the Orioles.  But, that's all I needed!  I now had my two day post plan: green dining rooms today and red dining rooms to come.  Here's part one!

As designer Miles Redd noted, “green is a subtle reminder of nature, and it makes you feel healthy, fresh, and alive.”  Well I agree with Miles.  Who doesn't want to feel fresh, healthy, and alive when they sit around the table with friends and family?  Below are a number of green dining rooms in a variety of hues (moss to hunter to absinthe) and styles (mid century to modern to traditional).  Enjoy!


via Pinterest
I love this dining room located in a beach cottage.  The green chairs look super comfortable and the painting of the beach definitely helps the palette give that fresh-healthy-alive vibe.  The mid century table is pretty cool too!

I think the touch of chinoiserie elevates this country dining room.


Is it just me or has banana leaf wallpaper become very popular again?

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I'm always a fan of a bold, big print wallpaper in a small space.  What I also like here, is how the designer added more interest to the room by upholstering the two head chairs in another bold, matching pattern.

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I've never seen ombre dining room chairs!


Another designer, Steven Gambrel, might not have liked some of the dining rooms above, but would probably feel right at home in the rooms below.  He said, “the color green is a statement, and I don’t care much for the very palest shades of green, as they seem weak... a strong bottle-green or absinthe-green is far more memorable and actually really easy to live with.”

The only thing I am not feeling is the boogie-woogie disco ball chandelier.  I think in the right house, this color is pretty fun and playful.  I like how the wild color choices contrast with the traditional touches in the bird prints and, of course, the blue china.

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I don't know who decorated this, but I think Kelly Ridder (above) would approve.

I'm used to seeing contemporary arched lamps over a living area, but if the height is there (as it is here), I bet it makes for a nice ambiance while eating (sort of like candles?).  I like the Zigo-esque dining chairs.

I don't really love this room, but I do love the wild paint and upholstery color choices on the chairs.

I love all of the traditional elements here - the table, the crystal chandelier, the sunburst mirror and the bust.  Together all of these elements could make a room look stuffy, but I think its the color choices here that make it all look so fresh!


On to the traditional!  As the talented traditionalist, Bunny Williams told Elle Decor, “mossy greens and unusual browns make sophisticated backdrops for art and antiques... [just] look at the colors museums such as the Metropolitan use for the walls behind the paintings the next time you visit.”

The amazing Charlotte Moss uses de Gournay wallpaper in this fabulous, green dining room.  As I came to discover over the course of my research, green landscape wallpaper is a very popular choice for dining rooms.

I think the chinoiserie chairs and chandelier (the same chandelier is used in the second dining room of this post - I wonder who makes it!) complement the de Gournay wallpaper perfectly.

Sisal rugs also work very well with in landscape-wrapped rooms (See also above and below) - I think it relaxes the look a bit.  I can't not mention how much I love the Venetian mirrors here.  Apparently, they were found at one of those famous Paris flea markets!  I can't believe I still haven't been to one - adding that to the bucket list right now.

There is a lot going on in this dining room and I think it is fabulously rich.  It makes me want to experiment with tablecloths!  Who would have thought a blue-and-rust ikat would work here?  Not me!

I was hesitant to put this on the blog - the scale here is pretty off - but I love the use of the bold orange velvet chairs with the traditional wallpaper.  I have such a weakness for velvet upholstery... I don't even like the chairs themselves much - just the idea of orange velvet.  I know - crazy.


When I saw this I thought, Italy-meets-France.  Don't you think the furniture looks very Italian and the bones of the room are very French?  You could not recreate this just anywhere.

OK not exactly panelling, but contrasting green molding and a screen! Overall, this room is a bit dark, but I'd really like it if it was lightened up a bit.  My mom thinks its "too olive".

I hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward to red dining rooms!  I've been a bit bad about posting this summer and am trying to get my groove back!

What do you think of the green dining rooms?  Do you expect to like red more or less?


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