Wednesday, August 15, 2012

4 Things - City Life, Country Life

1. Farm Stand Flowers - These gorgeous flowers were at the Green Thumb in Water Mill.


 This arrangement is beautiful, but I went with the cheaper bunches of flowers.  Price aside, I like to stick with one kind of flower when entertaining.  I'm not an expert in arrangements and think its easier - and always looks great - to have one type of flower in different vases around the house.

Dark Sunflowers

2. Norfolk Terriers - This is one of my favorite breeds.  Norfolk terriers have great temperaments, are hypoallergenic and live well in apartments.  Aren't these two boys the cutest!?  I just had to stop them on the street - they gave me (and the camera!) tons of kisses.

3. Dale Chihuly Blown Glass - This Chihuly chandelier was in the lobby of my old apartment building and I just loved it!  It makes quite the grand statement!

4. Old Fashioned Donuts -  I get these old fashioned donuts at a farm stand in Water Mill called the the Milk Pail.  They are made with apple cider - so they're a bit healthier than other donuts... I like to think so anyway - and I have been a big fan of their not-too-sweet taste since I was a little girl.  My father used to take me to the Milk Pail early on Saturday mornings and I'd have one the second it came out of the machine (see below).  However, it wasn't until a dinner party I threw the other weekend that I discovered my favorite way to eat them.  I heated them up in the oven, dunked them in a homemade scotch-chocolate sauce (I used semi-sweet chocolate chips, butter, a bit of brown sugar and my favorite Balvenie scotch) and topped them with vanilla ice cream and local honey.  They were a hit!

 The Milk Pail is on Route 27
Image via NYTimes
The donut machine that mesmerized me as a child!

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  1. Send some Milk Pail old fashioneds back to the City for me, please!