Monday, July 30, 2012

Style Icon: Marissa Mayer

We all know who Marissa Mayer is, but why is she a Style Icon?  Scroll down to the bottom for beautiful pictures and my short answer.

How cute is this grey dress?  She looks smart.

I bet she and Ali could talk for hours.

In a kelly green dress with Oscar de la Renta.  Gotta love Oscar.

Looking a bit more casual at a benefit for SFMOMA.

What a fun black dress.  Almost a bit tribal - or should I say Maori ;) - looking. 

Looking stunning in a black gown and gold statement necklace.  That accessory on her side?  Ohh, thats just her real estate developing hunk of a husband.  He is also holding her purse - must be a gentleman.

At the office for her Glamour shoot.  In an embellished tunic-style knit top -  what a great, simple and pulled together office outfit!

So, aside from the obvious, why is she a Style Icon?  In my opinion, because no woman has ever made Silicon Valley look so good.  Also, I don't think anybody becomes an expert in artificial intelligence unless they really want to...  #hellyeahmarissamayer


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