Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smith & Co. Vintage Art

Why, hello to you too!

I came across these vintage art pieces by Smith & Co. on One Kings Lane and am thinking of buying one for my next apartment's Gallery Wall.  There are a ton of good ones on the sale website.  I feel like I have to admit that I am apparently obsessed with typography prints... they're popping up all over the blog!

I kind of want a shadow box of real butterflies... but I like this too.
A good reminder!


I am all about the power of positive thinking!  This reminds me of an Abe Lincoln quote I just read: "I have discovered that a man will be about as happy as he wants to be."

I already have a set of 10 or 12 framed Greek column prints that are sort of the same idea as this and I LOVE them.  I actually took them from a beautiful old calendar I found in the basement of my parents house and had them matted and nicely framed.  A really affordable/clever way to decorate if I may say so myself!

...not sure if this would look right or wrong next to my Popca monkey, which is definitely going to be a part of the gallery wall.  Maybe a little too bananas!?

Non-Smith & Co:

Image here.
OK I swear I only love typography so much, and probably would not go this far... but I randomly came across this all-typography gallery wall, which I think is an interesting idea.  The wall has a good layout - I haven't seen many where the frames actually touch - and is in a store, which seems like a more appropriate setting for an in-your-face message like this.  Though, I agree - I think the public is wonderfully forgiving!  But, now I really digress...

So, which one of the Smith & Co. works is your favorite?  I'd love your input!


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