Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Save Elephants Today

As many of you know, I love elephants.  Today I am using the blog to make an appeal to save the African elephant, which is in grave danger from poachers right now due to the soaring cost of ivory.  The Wildlife Conservation Society, one of my favorite charities, is attempting to raise $25,000 by the end of the day to help save this majestic beast.

This is how they plan to do it:
  • Equipping and training ecoguards willing to protect elephants with their lives. Since WCS began working in Zakouma, Chad in 2008, the rate of poaching has been cut by an incredible 80%. The elephant population can be saved, but without continued patrolling, it would only be a matter of months before the animals there went extinct.
  • Monitoring wildlife, and supporting law enforcement and land use planning. WCS has been working in Gabon's Ivindo National Park since 1985, monitoring wildlife, and supporting law enforcement and land use planning. For the past five years, elephant populations have remained constant, reversing a history of annual decline.
  • Responding to crisis. In March 2012, after a mass killing of elephants in Cameroon, WCS immediately began work with the Government of Cameroon and other partners to ensure that forces moved into the park and put an end to the killing. To more thoroughly assess the situation, WCS also sent a light aircraft in to patrol the area and monitor the elephants.
Make your gift by clicking here.  I just did.


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