Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Modern City Oasis

For this room, Wolf says he “envisioned the space as a theater and the views as the show.”

Modern architecture and design can sometimes feel a bit cold to me, but this sprawling Manhattan apartment high above the Hudson is anything but - its open, inviting and serene.  Designed by Vincent Wolf in a palette of greys, beiges and taupes, this 3,200-square-foot apartment in a downtown building by Robert A.M. Stern, must be the answer to the owners' prayers.  They were looking for a change of pace and, before moving here, raised two children in a classic apartment on Park Avenue, complete with oriental rugs and a formal dining room.  Its definitely different and in a great way!

I love, in particular, the way that the modern, cool and neutral furnishings are "humanized" by the patina-ed antiques and bright artworks.

Here, Wolf put a mirror behind the bookshelves to create the illusion of a larger space.

There is no formal dining room in this apartment, though something tells me they still have room to entertain!  Can you imagine drinking your morning coffee and flipping through the paper here?  Must be divine!

You know how I feel about a good workspace.  Love!

Can you imagine waking up here?

Really loving the use of mints!

This perfectly illustrates what I (and the AD article) was talking about earlier.  The antique masks and bright artwork completely "humanize" the room.

My dream tub!
For the whole article and more pictures, click here.

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