Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gallery Walls Galore

I love this gallery wall.  All of the colorful paintings really breath life into the otherwise neutral room.  I also like the inclusion of a sunburst mirror.

I know that I want a gallery wall in my next apartment, but am fairly undecided about where to put it and its general execution!  I love an eclectic mix with frames of different colors, shapes, and sizes, but I also appreciate symmetry.  In this post I have collected a wide array of gallery walls for inspiration.  Enjoy!

Quite an array of works are featured in this living room.

The dark blue, shiny wall really makes these black-and-white prints pop.

Another very eclectic mix.

This breakfast nook is pretty whimsical.  I like the idea of including little antlers, but I'd like to see them in more contexts.

A random arrangement, yet perfectly aligned.

I love the chalkboards!

This strikes a nice balance.  All of the frames appear to be the same but the matting is different and they aren't hung in rows.

Very symmetrical.

Instagram inspired!

Lots of black frames.

Lots of red frames!

A good guide!  You can google "gallery wall layouts" for more how to guides.

What sort of wall do you prefer?  Something more eclectic or symmetrical?


{All images via Pinterest.}

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