Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Style Icon: Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin has amazing style - when Hermes names a bag after you, that fact is pretty much indisputable.  I'm not sure I've captured her best looks here, but was in a bit of a rush with this post and will likely do another piece on her at some point.  My inspiration for this post was actually a bit random.  I came across the last picture of her "fighting" with her then-husband, director Serge Gainsbourg, on Pinterest yesterday and one of my friends had inserted this quote in the description: "But who wants an easy life? It's boring!" - Jane Birkin.  The image and the quote completely resonated with me - I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, but couldn't be happier!  Thanks Jane for the inspiring words and images!  

Do you have any favorite Jane Birkin images?  What do you think of my idea for a new post series: Style Icons? It seems like I should have thought of this a while ago given the title of my blog!

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  1. the 1st picture is not her , it's Fran├žoise Hardi :)