Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lips Service

So, I originally got the idea to write this post, because I have been on a bit of a self-improvement effort to speak more consciously (clearly, kindly, deliberately etc.).  (This effort might be somewhat related to my need to write more concisely in my responses to bar exam questions... sigh.)  Regardless, I read somewhere that the words you speak effect your well-being and I agree.  As the old saying goes, "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil."  Karma aside, I definitely think that the ability to be conscious of what comes out of your mouth can be very liberating and empowering...  You know what else can be empowering?  A bold lip color!  Not only that, but I think a pair of big red lips, might just make you - and the person you're talking to - think twice about what comes out of your beautiful mouth!  

If you agree, read on for some lip tips and images below!

Lip Care:
  • Lubricate: Keep your lips well lubricated - my lips get particularly dry after brushing my teeth, so I always make sure to slather on some lippy first thing in the morning and before bed.  
  • Keep Your Balm At Hand: You can buy a good lip balm at Duane Reade for nada so why not keep lip balm everywhere?  In your bag, on your nightstand, in your desk drawer, by the sink... you get the idea!  I use Rose's, Carmex, Vaseline, Burt's, regular old Chapstick... every now and then I'll indulge in something nice and keep it safe.  Right now I am obsessed with this lip protector I got in charity goodie bag.  It's by Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care.
  • Don't Burn: You won't have as much fun smooching your summer love with sunburnt lips, so buy something with a little SPF in it! 
  • Drink Up: Drink lots of water and moisturize your lips from the inside!
  • Eat Right: I recently read that cracked lips can be a sign that your diet is low in B vitamins.  Sure. Why not?  You should make sure you're getting enough anyway.  Some foods high in B vitamins include: fish (especially shellfish and caviar - yes please!), meat, bell peppers, spinach, cashews, beans...  In general, healthy eating keeps your skin as a whole lookin' good.  Personally, I always drink lots of water and fresh juices and eat salmon and avocado when I feel my skin needs a pick-me-up.

Lip(stick) Tricks:
  • To make lipstick last longer use a bit of foundation on your lips and line them with a pencil before applying lipstick. 
  • You can also put a little powder on your lips before lipstick, but be careful with this trick.  If your lips are prone to dryness, the powder may exacerbate that problem.

I love the look of a bright bold lip with otherwise minimal makeup:

My Current Favorite Color: 

So Chaud by MAC - a matte reddish-orange.

And because I had to include it:

When asked about his inspiration for the logo, John Pasche stated“face to face with him, the first thing you were aware of was the size of his lips and his mouth.”  Well, I for one certainly don't have Jagger-sized lips, but with the help of a little 'stick, my mouth can also be the first thing people notice about me. 

Until next time.


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