Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iPad Accessories!

I got my iPad a few weeks ago and can't figure out what it is that I love so much about it.  It does nothing novel, yet I use it all of the time and think its just the greatest invention!  I have a pretty bad iPad case at the moment, but have scoured the internet and found some great replacements below.  I think my heart is set on the Missoni for Target one.  Which do you like?  Have you found or do you own a great iPad case?

I'm almost embarrassed that I like the idea of a clutch that holds your iPad.  Back when people had Blackberries - after my bf tossed his, I decided they were officially obsolete - they used to refer to them as "crackberries".  Is there an iWorld equivalent for people addicted to their iPhones/Pads/Pods?  If so, please tell!  One thing is for sure, if you throw your iPad in a clutch before heading out at night, then it is definitely your crackberry equivalent!  Still... I kinda want this clutch.  

I would obviously get this monogrammed!

This one is a steal on J. Crew's website, however, it doesn't look like it will do a great job protecting your screen.

Could I love this more?  It also comes in black & white and white & blue. 

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