Friday, June 15, 2012

Blue China Everywhere

Oscar de La Renta

I adore blue china and have been collecting images of it for a couple of weeks to create this post.  I went a little picture crazy, however, and have a ton of images - too many for just one post!  I guess I just love its use in that many different scenarios!  So, this post focuses on the use of blue china in foyers and living spaces (and one bedroom) and next week I will post images of blue china in dining rooms, kitchens and on table settings.  I hope that you enjoy these and are inspired to incorporate a little blue china into your home.  After creating this post, I think I may have to start a serious collection!  

The Oscar de La Renta image made me love the idea of coral red and blue china.  Below is a more modern take on the combo: 

Image here

One of my favorite home stores in Manhattan is William-Wayne & Co. and they have a large selection of blue china:

John Rosselli Antiques also has a great collection of china.  He gave some great advice for arranging collections in Elle Decor:

John Rosselli
"I like massing objects. I'm known for blue-and-white porcelain. A group of boxes - small, large - looks great on a table.  At our house in Punta Cana, we collect white porcelain objects - ducks, chickens fruit.  Buy things individually, and before you know it you've got a collections.
Bring accessories from any part of the house and put them on the dining room table. Line up four or five blue-and-white vases and fill them with daisies. Go to Chinatown and buy Asian soup bowls, each one a different pattern, and place them on top of white china. Combine your grandmother’s china with contemporary plates. Mix and match."

Some looks at mixing and matching around the house:

 As featured in Traditional Home, Lori Tippins uses blue and white china on a wooden antique console in a client's foyer.  I also love the mounted horns!

 Designer Toby Fairly also groups the china well.  (You can never go wrong sticking an orchid in a blue and white planter.)

It makes great bookends and side table replacements!

Collections on Brackets:

Thomas Burak on Chinoiserie Chic Blog

Another bed with a collection on brackets!

Lots of little brackets are used here by Peter Marino!  A bit too much going on for my taste, but interesting nonetheless!

One of my favorite designers, Markham Roberts, uses pieces of blue china here-and-there in many of his client's homes:

Here he uses it in different rooms for one client.

Above he makes a wonderful display on a bookcase.

Though it is often used in very traditional spaces, I've been pleasantly surprised to find that blue china works in more modern settings.  It can be mixed with a variety of colors, fabrics and styles to create an eclectic look:

It looks great here among exposed wooden rafters, modern artworks and an ikat couch.

My case in point: a foyer by Jonathan Berger.

Are you sold?  Do you now love blue and white china as much as I do?  Let me know!  I love your comments!

Have a great weekend!


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