Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Take Me to the Island!

No, no, not the Caribbean kind.  I'm talking about the gems of the North East - Long Island, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket...!  Below are some outfits that I will be packing in my weekender when I escape the City this summer.  I hope my summer and yours is full of strolls along Main Street, swims at the beach, and dinners & dancing!


1. Helen Kaminski Hat, $175 - I love a good straw hat.  I own a Panama hat with a black ribbon that I have worn non-stop for the past two years.  For my next hat, I think I'll do a white ribbon like this one. 
3. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20, $42 - I love this product and use it year-round as a base.  On a summer weekend, this, SPF chapstick and mascara are all you really need for day.
5. Longchamp Le Pilage Large Tote, $145 - I love to carry Longchamp bags when I am traveling.  They fold up so nicely and can also be used to transport toiletries.
6. Red Valentino Lace Detail Shorts, $370 - I think white shorts and white jeans are summer musts!
7. Tory Burch Robinson Demi Wedge Sandal, $265 - I think these are great day-to-night summer sandals. (See below!)

1. Uniqlo Women's Boat Neck Long Sleeve Striped T B, $24 - It can still be pretty chilly on the beach in May and June in the North East, so I often bring along a long sleeved tee.
2. Tommy Bahama Pearl Bandeau Bikini, $66 & $49 - I discovered Tommy Bahama bikinis last year and love them. 
3. Warby Parker Thatcher Sunglasses, $95 - All of my friends seem to be buying Warby Parker these days.
4. Banana Boat Quick Dry Sport Spray Sunscreen SPF 30, $7.80 - I love spray sunscreen.  It's so easy to quickly put on if you feel a spot getting red.


1. Milly Tile Print Vivienne Dress, $325 - Short, silk, printed dresses are my summer evening go-to. 
2. Picnic Lunch Necklace, $258 - In Nantucket every jewelry store sells tons of basket charms similar to this one.  They are cute, fun and timeless.
3. Carolee Lux Red Sea Multi Strand Bracelet, $125 - Whether its on your wrist or around your neck, I love beaded jewelry in a bold colors for summer.
4. Pashmina Pink Scarf, $69 - I have a pashmina in just about every color of the rainbow.  I hate being cold, so I take one with me everywhere.  Barring one or two exceptions, I have never spent a lot of money on them.  As you probably know, you can get them on the street for next to nothing... why not pick up a few different colors and try to work a deal with a vendor!?

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