Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fresh, Earthy Flowers

I fell in love with the flowers at a wedding down in Charlottesville a few weekends ago.  The arrangements had white leaf and mint in them and I loved how fresh and earthy they looked.  I also thought they looked impossible to make!  (I usually stick to one kind of flower in a vase and call it a day - it always works!)  Then I remembered a Goop article I had seen a few weeks ago called Flower Arranging by Vase.  It provides step-by-step instructions on making an arrangement very similar to the one above (and a lot more).  At some point this summer I plan to buy some Guelder rose (the green hydrangea look-a-like above), pink roses and white leaf and give an earthy arrangement a try!  What are your favorite flowers?  How do you arrange them?

 Many of the arrangements were in mason jars.
Can't get much better than this view!

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