Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4 Things - Summer Games

I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in Martha's Vineyard and spent much of it playing some of my favorite summer games.

1) Kadima - I could play this paddle game for hours - especially on the beach.  This weekend quite a contest ensued among the boys in our group with one of the pairs hitting the ball back-and-forth 180 times!  My best friend loves the game so much that she had custom paddles made to use at her wedding weekend.  Buy a set here.

2) Croquet - For the rules of Croquet click here.  If you're in the market for a set, make sure you get a good one - unsturdy wickets and broken mallets are no fun.  This weekend, we used a great set by L.L. Bean.  I think this vintage croquet set is awesome.  

3) Cornhole - For the rules of Cornhole click here.  I had never played this game until a few weekends ago at a wedding welcome dinner and thought it was very fun.  Buy custom boards here.  

4) Bocce Ball - For the rules of Bocce Ball click here.  Restoration Hardware makes a very nice set. 

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