Monday, April 9, 2012

Lookin' Good on the Links

I don't know about you, but many of the men in my life were watching the Masters this weekend.  OK, so maybe I caught a bit of it too - golf and classical music are about the only forms of background noise I can handle while getting some work done.  Since golf was on the brain this weekend, I decided to write Monday's post about perhaps my biggest golf challenge (aside from general technique!): the lack of cute women's golf apparel.

I have had very few good fashion moments on the golf course, but one of them came this winter while playing in Florida:

Yup, that's me slicing the ball!
I was wearing Marc sunglasses, a Tory Burch Lydia ruffle polo (I am a big fan of ruffles and, while you can't really see them here, they added a nice feminine touch to the outfit), J. Crew shorts, Foot Joy shoes (I love that the tips are patent - they stay very clean), and an old ribbon belt.

Below are some other items to keep you looking great on the course, regardless of how well you play the game.

1. Ralph Lauren Slim-Fit Samantha Polo
Something about wearing black on the golf course looks very professional.

2. Wing Tip Classic/Neutral Golf Shoes and Neutral Glove
I love everything by Equipt for Play.  Everything.

3. Vicki Stretch Skort
Ralph Lauren makes the most flattering golf skorts.  The stretchy ones are my favorites.
For the girlier golfer...
4. Callaway Solaire Golf Balls
You're ball will be easier to spot if its pink!

5. Sport Haley 3/4 Sleeve Argyle Sweater
Golf and argyle just go together.

6. J. Crew 9" Chino Shorts
These come in a bevy of colors and at 9" long they are course-appropriate.

7. Footjoy MyJoys Custom Shoes
Customize your golf shoes - love it!

8. Ame & Lulu Pagoda Golf Tee Bag
Keep your bag organized with a golf tee pouch.

9. Nike Pom Pom Socks
I love a cute sock and sticking with a good brand will keep you from getting blisters when you walk 18.

And, lastly, for the guy who makes you watch all that golf:

10. Front Nine Needlepoint Belt


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