Friday, April 27, 2012

Great Home Workspaces

When I decided to go to law school, the first piece of furniture I bought was an oversized desk.  Makes sense, right?  Well, I am fairly happy with my desk: its usually free of clutter, has enough surface space for fresh flowers and an extra screen, and it has prime real estate in my apartment right by the window.  It gets the job done - or at least it allows me to get mine done!  On one hand, I think a workspace should be clean and sparse enough for you to have fresh ideas.  On the other, it should also be home to images or objects that that comfort and inspire you.  I'll be moving soon and, like every girl, have been collecting images of things I like for my next apartment.  Below are some of my favorite workspaces, including my own.
1. L'wren Scott's desk in her Paris apartment.
"Oh, that's just an old painting of my partner, Mick, on the wall... "

2. Fashion journalist Amy Fine's dressing room / home office.
Many of the paintings and drawings were done by her friends.

3. Designed by Domicile ID
I love the idea of an ottoman under a desk, because I often want to kick my feet up while working.

4. Chic white desk with a ghost chair and gourd lamp
The print reads "For Like Ever"

5. Blogger Alaina Kaczmarski's desk

6. Bright White Desk with Jess LC Print
Can you tell I like inspirational sayings yet?

7. Blogger Emily Schuman's Desk
I like that her home office is unapologetically pink.  You can see her whole apartment
and more pictures of her home office on Apartment Therapy

8. My desk!
I love downloading desktop wallpapers from national geographic and change mine fairly often.

I keep my pens in one container and my
highlighters in another.

My mother gives me a Life's Little Instruction Calendar
every Christmas and its one of my favorite gifts.  Don't wait to be great!

A close up showing some of my elephants and my recently acquired decoupage tray.

Do you have any desk essentials?  One of the first things I plan to buy when I move is a nice, smaller vase for my desk.

Have these images inspired you?  Which workspaces are your favorites?  After compiling these images, I plan to hang a bunch of prints, photos and drawings above my desk in my next apartment.


  1. I always choose to go with more clutter. My workspace is officially a fire hazard... though not quite worthy of the Collyer Brothers.

  2. Well, they also say a cluttered desk is a sign of genius!

  3. I love home offices! We have that "for like ever" print in our apartment! It's done by a typography company-people who think up new typefaces...what a cool job.

  4. You're the second blog reader to own the "for like ever" print! I'm glad to have such a like-minded audience. Thanks for reading and posting!